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Which Voice Are YOU Listening To?

Listen to your heart? Listen to your head? Listen to your gut? Listen to those other voices that exist in that ‘somewhere else’ – out there? Listen to the voices from your childhood? Previous relationships? Ex-employers? Bullies from long ago? (or bullies from NOT SO long ago?)
Our days are filled with a constant barrage of voices. Some positive, some less so. Some, downright hurtful! The sad truth is, that most of the negativity that flies around in our minds is self-induced!
Although we may have actually heard those voices, speaking hurtful words, they probably do not exist in this very moment. But, we can hear them as though they’re the loudest thing in the room. We carry voices with us all day. Some ours, some not. But regardless of whom they belong to, we have conversations going on in our heads ALL DAY and most of the night! Go ahead, try to have NO conversation in your head. Try it. I’ll wait.

Over the past several months, my life has taken some pretty measurable turns. My attitude has changed, my happiness has dramatically increased, I’ve lost weight, I sleep better, my business has gotten much busier, and more successful, my friendships are stronger, and I have more of them. My outlook on life has widened, and I almost feel taller!
So I asked myself, what changed? What happened that created all of these wonderful and positive changes. My answer came quickly and clearly. I changed the voices that I was listening to. That’s it. That one change in my thought process, resulted in every aspect of my life getting noticeably better.  Clearer. Stronger. Brighter. Healthier.

You know the image. The devil on one shoulder, and an angel on the other. Each one whispering their sound advice into their respective ear. It would be much easier if there were only 2 sources from which we get these voices! Trouble comes when there are SEVERAL voices, and we hear them ALL, and try to sort through them to determine which ONE we’re going to listen to! “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe”, “What if…”, “How will I..”and the list goes on.  If only it were as easy as eenie meenie miney mo!
Do any of these sound familiar?
The Fear Voice. What if this doesn’t work? What if I’m wrong? How many times do we have to ‘start again’ before you realize you’re not going to accomplish this? You can’t stick to anything. That kind of happiness, just isn’t for you. You’re better off not even trying, because you’re not going to make it, anyway. You’re not smart enough. You’re not talented enough. You’re just going to look stupid, so don’t even bother.
The Doomed Voice. This is as good as its ever going to get. There just aren’t that many jobs available, so be grateful for the one you have. Good enough is good enough. You’re too old to get started on that now – learn to be happy with what you have. Its too late.
The “Yes You Can” Voice. You’ve got this! You’re better off now, anyway! This is all you!

You recognize these? Well, I’m here to tell you that NONE of these statements is true.. Not one single one of them. We go into much more detail in the book, (The Perfect Cup of Coffee), but in short, here’s the TRUTH. Not one of these statements is more true than any other.
“Whether You Believe You Can, Or You Can’t, You Are Right” – Henry Ford
So you get to pick. You get to decide which voices you’re going to listen to, and if you’re in a place in your life where you’re ‘stuck’ – you’re listening to the wrong ones! Make another choice.
We tend to allow these voices (good or bad) to ring in our heads like the drips of water torcher, so you want to make sure you choose wisely! The “plink…plink…plink” of Walt Disney’s quote, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it” is a WAY better way to spend your life than the plinks of “What if I’m wrong”, agreed?
So, take inventory. Which voices are you listening to? Often the ones in our heads have the most ‘outside influence’, and tend to be ‘thoughts of old’. Habitual thinking. The ‘mind thoughts’ tend to be the most stale. That’s why you tend to get a physiological reaction when a ‘new thought’ comes in and resonates with you. Even your BRAIN gets excited to receive new ideas! (Again, more about that in the upcoming book, The Perfect Cup of Coffee). Our heart-voice tends to be pretty reliable, although it communicates regularly with the head, so there’s some ‘outside influence’ in there, as well. Gut – that’s a pretty safe bet. The gut keeps its distance from both the head and the heart, so it tends to protect itself from the outside influence. It also tends to answer most quickly, and over-analyze the least! “Gut-instinct”, if you will.
Take your inventory, and be sure to evict the voices that tend to harm you the most. You don’t need them. They certainly don’t move you forward in your life.
I invite you to comment below – what voices are holding you back? What are you hearing, then repeating to yourself, that may be keeping you stuck? What voices do you hear that propel you forward? What can YOU do to only hear the ones that inspire you?
I look forward to your comments!
A beautiful, selectively thoughtful day to you!



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  2. I did something wrong trying to edit initial comment. I enjoyed the post. very much. You ask who choose, we do. We can go with the choir of criticism or the cheerleader as we listen to our internal dialogue.

    Great lesson here, thanks for sharing


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