Private Coaching Sessions

Perfect Cup Coaching, Personal Summit Coaching, LLC

Private Coaching Sessions are conducted either in person, or over the phone. These sessions are approximately 60 minutes in duration and, depending on the type of coaching you are looking for, can include e-mail follow up conversations and/or additional phone sessions.

Life Coaching sessions will cover overall ‘life’ issues. These sessions include, but are not limited to mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, chemical, financial, familial and occupational challenges. Essentially, in Life Coaching sessions, the gloves are off, and we’ll get you unstuck, and creative in whatever area you choose. Often times, we feel stuck, but cannot identify any specific reason or culprit…we just feel stagnant. Life Coaching is for anyone who is:  Wanting more from life, Looking for ways to be “happier”, Unsure of what to do “next” in their live,  Plagued by nagging tasks or goals that just don’t get accomplished, Waiting for that “perfect” relationship to develop, Searching for an answer to “the meaning of life”, Stuck in a personal, professional, physical or relationship rut, Bothered by something that is “missing” in their lives…

Basically, coaching is for anyone who wishes to reach for more than they’ve got right now.

Career Coaching sessions will include a intensive look at your career path – past, present and future. We’ll uncover your true nature, and get you moving forward on the path that is in absolute alignment with you, and where you want to go.

It is my belief, that ‘upon entry’ into this physical world, we have a path set out in front of us, and as kids, we have the list of ‘things’ we want to be ‘when we grow up’. We are born with an innate desire for success, happiness and fulfillment and as we grow, the skills and activities we are drawn to, contain qualities that genuinely resonate with that specifically designed path.  Often, when we look back on our lives, we’ll see a common ‘thread’ throughout our interests and hobbies.  In Career Coaching sessions, we’ll take a look at the threads that have been consistent in your life, and find the things that you are passionate about. Once all that information is gathered, you’ll see your ‘next step’ CLEARLY lit, and right in front of you…just waiting for you to step into it!

Spiritual Coaching… perhaps the most complex of the coaching areas, in a Spiritual Coaching session, we will explore your spiritual believes and structure, and ‘put the pieces together’, to help you create a strong spiritual foundation for yourself.  Because spirituality is often based on mysticism and faith, rather than mathematical, scientific fact, the exploration process tends to be more fluid and flexible than the other coaching areas. We will tune into your internal GPS for guidance and direction, and discuss in depth the ‘hows’, ‘why’s’ and ‘what’s next’s’ to help you move forward on your spiritual path. More often than not, once you start moving forward, and stepping into your spiritual journey with open eyes and an open heart, other areas of your life will quickly and easily ‘fall into place’.



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