Jillaine Thompson, CPC

Who needs anti-depressants, when you’ve got a Jill Thompson of your own! – Jessie, CO

Jillaine began her Coaching journey in 1991, when at the tender age of 23, her dad brought her to see a presentation given by Author and Motivational Speaker, Jim Rohn. She was immediately captivated and swept away by the ability of one man to get an entire room full of people excited about their lives, and ready to move into a bigger, better and stronger direction! There it began. She started studying human behavior, mental/emotional habits and the ‘whys’ and ‘why nots’ of the human decision making process.  Coaching quickly became a passion of hers, and she took it to its farthest reaches. She wore her Coaching hat throughout all of her occupational adventures, from working in the film/television industry, to swimming coach for the California Special Olympics, to sign language interpreter, crisis interventionist, environmental consultant and program coordinator, even into her career as a paralegal…all roles included and enhanced her coaching bag of tricks!

Through the ups and downs of her own life, Jillaine has put all of the coaching tools she shares with us, to work for herself. She speaks and coaches from a place of compassion, determination and lots of hands on experience! If she’s going to preach it, its only because she’s practiced it!

Jillaine has an incredible passion for helping people get out of the mung and mire of negative experiences, limiting beliefs and overall narrow vision of what’s possible. She firmly believes and KNOWS that this life is an amazing journey, and that we are ALL…each and every one of us, designed to experience the magic and wonder of being ALIVE. We all have dreams. We all have ambitions. We all have things we want to achieve and experience in this incredible time of being alive. Jillaine uses her energy and enthusiasm to inspire and activate us all, to get excited about our lives, and all that is possible. She is here to remind us of our awesome potential, and help us to move into that greatness with excitement and ease.

Its not that happy, successful people don’t have challenges and imperfections…its that they choose to shine anyway – Jillaine Thompson